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A fire insurance claim disputes are very common as insurance companys attempt to pay as little as possible on fire losses. Insurance companies will grossly underpay or under-ajust fire claim settlements and limited options for rebuilding and restoring your property and possessions. Our insurance appraisers know exactly how to navigate the fire insurance claim appraisal process to a quickly and accurate settle your claim in appraisal. Rather than allowing the insurance company to dictate the claim process our proactive and aggressive approach allows YOU to control the pace and settlement of the appraisal. This means our clients are fully compensated in the most efficient way in the fastest possible way, unlike with a lawsuit - should your policy have the appraisal provision in it.

Fire insurance claim disputes

Insurance companies commonly use tactics to underpay settlements or deny a fire insurance claim. Here are tips to ensure your claim progresses properly:

  • Request a certified copy of your insurance policy and copy of the fire report ASAP.
  • Compile your own detailed personal property inventory.
  • Control ALL of your personal property. Never allow any restoration company to remove your property for disposal or restoration until you know all your rights and options.
  • Obtain independent damage estimates to gauge the actual cost to rebuild your property.
  • Document every point of communication with your insurance company adjuster.
  • Wait – Never start the rebuild process until you know ALL your rights and options for settlement.
  • Caution– Use caution when submitting any information or documents to the insurance adjuster. You could waive your rights or jeopardize your claim.
  • Demand an explanation if your claim has not settled within 60 days.
  • Seek to uncover all benefits your policy affords, or consult with a insurance appraiser. In many total-loss scenarios, a potential 35 percent in extra coverage above the policy limit may be available.
    • Take Charge of the Fire Insurance Claim

      In nearly all the fire claims we’ve worked, there has been a large difference between what the insurance company’s claim adjuster OFFERS and what should be paid contractually pay per the policy’s provisions and a comprehensive estimation of damages. Choices and decisions about your home, possessions and the fire insurance claim process should be made by you, not the claim adjuster from your insurance company. And, hiring our Insurance Appraisers we assure that we are experts in understanding and analyzing insurance policies, compiling detailed damage estimates and negotiating the largest possible fire claim settlement, all while you focus on restoring your life. With decades of fire and smoke damage adjusting and appraisal experience, we have witnessed – and can help you avoid – common mistakes that result in major complications, delays, disputes, or negligent misappropriation of insurance coverage.

      Florida Fire Insurance Claim Disputes

      When to Seek Help with Your Fire Claim

      If you received any sort of settlement offer, the time to hire our Insurance Appraiser is NOW.

      • If you received any sort of estimate or payment
      • Reasons To Choose The Best Fire Insurance Appraiser To Handle Your Fire Insurance Claim

        Contact our 5 Star rated insurance appraiser, National Adjusters and we will change the stress you feel due to the fire damage event. We work fast to get on your scene, assess the damages and begin the process of an equitable and proper recovery immediately. We all know the saying “the devil is in the details”; well your insurance company and their appraiser is in the business of running past the details which lead you to a more equitable recovery. As a top rated insurance appraisers, National Adjusters has a cadre of tools and event experience to assemble a detailed recovery which will lead to a satisfactory recovery of your home and property. Your home and or business are your most valuable possessions and typically the largest investment. National Adjusters will see to it that you restore your home or business back to the proper condition and minimize the haggling and stress your insurance company will impose on you when filing a fire damage insurance claim. Contact National Adjusters today to start the process of a proper equitable recovery to your fire damage claim. Get the maximum settlement from your insurance claim dispute.


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