Sinkhole Insurance Claims

National Adjusters, Inc. are Sinkhole Adjusting experts! We have been involved with and adjusted many sinkhole damage claims over the years and have extensive experience. Our sinkhole adjusting expertise includes Condominium losses, Condo Complex’s, Commercial losses, and Residential losses. With our experience and knowledge of insurance policies, and our knowledge of State Statutes & Codes, National Adjusters is second to none when it comes to adjusting Sinkhole claims for the insured.

Sinkholes are an unfortunate part of our geology and can prove to be a great burden for property owners. Sinkhole damage can go unnoticed or be confused with settling if you are not familiar with the warning signs. Deterioration of your homes foundation and walls can occur over a period of years, making it uninhabitable.

  • Stair step cracks on exterior of house
  • Drywall separation from ceiling and/or floors
  • Slope in floor
  • Cracks in ceiling near windows and doors
  • Cracks in exterior block or stucco
  • Cracks in windows, doors and interior joint areasv				  
  • Windows and doors are hard to close properly
  • Cracks and separation of concrete driveways and sidewalks
  • Cracks in pool deck
  • Depressions in yard or street
  • Circular patches of wilting plants
  • Sediment on your water
  • Neighbors reporting confirmation of sinkhole activity
    • It is important you have a insurance appraiser working on your behalf to ensure you receive enough money to complete the repairs necessary to make certain your property is structurally sound. National Adjusters assists policy holders in the United States. We will continue to be your preferred source for claims for sinkholes in the Country. Our Sinkhole Insurance Appraisers helps property owners with all aspects of their sinkhole damage claims. Contact us for a free inspection of your property and to determine if you have sinkhole damage.

      Contact a Sinkhole Claim Adjuster before you contact the insurance company

      A insurance appraiser will protect the interest of the policyholder when a sinkhole occurs, we have noticed the insurance company will attempt to delay, deny and defend their position rather than pay the claim in a timely matter and the amount that is owed.

      Residential and commercial property fall victim to a sinkholes. They can be a devastating event that leaves owners in shock. The Sinkhole can be very severe, from complete destruction to terrible stuctural damage. This type of damage proves our point we are always promoting, it’s never to early to connect National Adjusters, Inc., Your insurance appraiser.