Slab Leak Insurance Claims - Serving most States

The reason you need a insurance appraiser when you have a slab leak is that the insurance company will attempt to try a band aid repair such as tunneling or doing reroute, because that is the cheapest (least effective) fix. As a insurance appraiser working on your behalf National Adjusters, Inc. will see that the proper repair is done, this may involve trenching to find and fix the broken pipe. The reason you do NOT want to tunnel to repair a broken pipe is because the earth under your home cannot be packed as tight as it was, thus this will cause sagging thus cause your flooring to crack or worse. This not only causes serious structural problems but it will cause a problem for you in the future if you want to sell your home. The issue with rerouting a pipe is, most times they want to run a pipe overhead (condensation problems when the pipe sweats) second, if they want to re-route outside the footprint of the home and that pipe breaks it is NOT covered under your insurance policy.

We are a professional slab leak Insurance Appraisers, we adjust more slab leak claims than many Insurance Appraisers combined. When you want the best slab leak settlement you need to hire the best insurance appraiser for getting you that settlement, National Adjusters is the answer.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Policy or Commercial Policy Pay For a Slab Leak?

Will homeowner's or commercial insurance policy cover a slab leak? The short answer is yes, if its covered under the policy. Do they like to pay it or even cover it it when you do have one? NO! Only a insurance appraiser that works for you can can tell you for sure what you are up against.

Your leak will need to be inside the walls of your foundation and there will need to actually be water damage to trigger coverage. If the leak is outside the foundation or footprint of your home it will not be covered.

If the leak is on the pressure side of your plumbing and the water under the house comes up through the slab and causes damage to your home or belongings, the work to access the slab leak and repair the damage is all covered. If you do not have damage to the above slab portions of your home, and the leak is inside the walls of the foundation, you may still be in luck. When you have the best insurance appraiser, National Adjusters representing you, then you have a slab leak expert in your corner. We will fight to make sure your home is just the way it was before the loss happened. That mean we will not settle for running pipes overhead or out side the home.

How to spot a slab leak

If you notice your water bill jump from one month to the next without explanation, you may have a slab leak or some other plumbing leak. Contact National Adjusters, we will find it and work with you to get it the claim filed and resolved!!